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Light Grey Felt Desk Mat
Light Grey Felt Desk Mat

Light Grey Felt Desk Mat


- Width: 60cm/23.65” or 80cm/31.50”
- Length: 30cm/11.85"
- Thickness: 0.5cm/0.195”

- 100% Pure Wool Felt
- Natural Cork

Our standard Light Grey Wool Felt Desk Mats are perfectly sized if you're looking for something that will fit on both a small or large desk and give you enough surface area for your laptop or keyboard and mouse pad.

The materials used to make the desk mats are premium 100% Wool Felt which not only looks and feels great but also protects your desk against marks and scratches. With a base comprising of a 2mm natural cork, the desk mat stays flat on work surfaces.

The upper layer of 3mm thick wool felt has a sturdy weight and stays flat on work surfaces but is also low profile enough that it remains quite discreet and will blend nicely into any workspace setup. The texture of the wool felt also means it reacts perfectly to all mouse types.