Leather Desk Set

Leather Desk Set


Complete leather desk set including Desk Mat, Mouse Pad, Desk Catch-all Tray and 4 Desk Organizers for holding cables, wires, pens etc.

Minimally designed with 3 Oz high quality leather and a premium Wool Felt bottom lining that will cushion as well as protect your workspace surfaces. The desk mat can be used as a laptop mat, keyboard mat, writing surface and adds a nice aesthetic whilst protecting workspace surfaces.

Desk organizers help you keep control of all your cables, earphones & wires, you can even use them as a holder for pens, pencils, sharpies and phone/tablet stylus's. Also included are 2 keychain hooks that can be easily attached to the regular sized desk organizers so you can simply clip onto your keys and take them with you to have on hand. The matching mouse pad and desk tray complete the set and everything you need for your home or office workspace. 

Beautiful soft touch leather, premium wool felt and low profile makes the set fit in perfectly with any workspace setup.

DIMENSIONS (approx.):

Desk Mat 30cm/11.85" x 50cm/19.75"
Mouse Pad 21cm/8.25" x 26cm/10.25"
Desk Tray 17cm/6.75" x 25cm/9.85"
Desk Organizers 2.5cm/1" x 12cm/4.75", 4cm/1.55" x 12cm/4.75" (LRG)


- Genuine Leather
- Premium Wool Felt
- Brass Snap Fasteners
- Metal Keychain Hooks


Designed and handcrafted in Gdansk, Poland.

Wool Felt Colour:
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