WorkPerch & Workspaces

Our mission is simple, design and make products that enhance your workspace. From the materials we use to the minimal design, we craft accessories that not only make your workspace a nicer place to be but also compliment your existing setup and hardware.  


What We Make

Cable Wraps / Desk Mats / Desk Catch-alls / Key Chains / Lanyards / Laptop Sleeves / Mouse Pads / Pen/Stylus Cases / Wrist Rests


We looked at the most important things for a home / office workspace, and then added our own touch combining new materials and fabrics to make a range of desk accessories to suit any workspace. 


100% Pure Wool Felt, Matte Finish Acrylic, Natural Coarse Grain Cork & Genuine Leather are used to create our desk accessories. It's not enough to just look great, we want them to feel great too.

Colour Range

100% Pure Wool Felt: Black / Dark Grey / Light Grey. Matte Finish Acrylic: Black / Grey / Beige / White. Natural Coarse Grain Cork: Natural. Leather: Tan