About Us


Natural materials and clean design help make products that enhance your workspace. With globally sourced materials, we handcraft a range of desk goods that not only make your workspace a nicer place to be but also compliment your existing setup and hardware.  

What We Make

Laptop Stands / Desk Mats / Mouse Pads / Wrist Rests / Desk Coasters

Our Design

We looked at the most important things for a home / office workspace, removed the unnecessary elements, added a simple yet functional design with quality materials and fabrics to make a range of desk accessories to suit any workspace. 

Materials We Use

100% Pure Wool Felt, Natural Coarse Grain Cork, Genuine Leather and locally sourced hardwoods are used to create our range of desk accessories.

Colour Options

100% Pure Wool Felt: Black / Dark Grey / Light Grey / Beige
Natural Coarse Grain Cork: Light Brown 
Genuine Leather: Tan